Asemic writing and visual poetry

>> Friday, 8 November 2013

Ever heard of asemic writing it is another type of written form which not legible and open to interpretation. On doing some research well basically everyone had dabble in asemics one way or another either through doodles. This wasn't anything new to me like with trashpo and vispo I soon realise mailart genre cross over with each other.
I always with conlang and had interest in alien writing but was bothered with assigning each letterform with meaning. I was alway fascinated with these glyphs one person said they resemble Klingon but based about the images of dancing flame. My intention was to use them in my fantasy writing and RPG.

I speak English and Cantonese and often mix words from different languages together. The hard part about ideograms is there isn't an alphabet and plus the meanings change when different words are place together. Tricky to person learning the language second nature to me I'm used it.
A lot of visual word are composed of letters and arranged in specific way. I thought it should be about images not letters. I noticed something when a book in Fluxus Visual poetry had pages of words.
Sadly, I lost most of my notes and old work as I thought these fire glyphs had no meaning. Fragments are lying around somewhere. There are some vispo ATCs in my flickr set for some reason I can link description back to his blog. More details on asemic writing can be found in IUOMA ning groups.
I'm finding it difficult it update on different format and thinking of pinterest. My blog on ning will be used to document mailart I have arrive it takes me for get images.


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