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>> Monday, 14 March 2016

Well after a long pause I'm back from my holiday too. I went to Hong Kong for 2 weeks well to get away from all the stress caused by working and most important away from a person I wish not to name as ever since I met him, my creativity scene has been on hold and those tag of 2013 still not finished and even started patchwork quilt as form of mindfulness meditation. Seen those adult colouring books every where due to fact everyone is stress and under alot of anxiety.I do zentangles and patchwork using the English Paper piecing method and turning to Buddhism to bring inner peace. I'll upload the quilting I'm working in flickr as soon as I can right now I'm sorting all goodies I acquired on holiday.

Origami paper is always nice they are much cheaper in Hong Kong, I find them expensive here in the UK. The store called Chronicles is closed a few years ago in UpTown Plaza, Tai Po Market.
I got those stickers in tourist gifts stores in the Peak, Main Hong Kong island. I wanted to get seal made with my name it cost $380 HKD. Washi tape or paper tape is equally popular I brought some in Museum of History and Commerical Press, Shopping Mall near Tai Wo train station.
I seemed to acquired lots of gashapon- capsule toys. They are expensive range from $10-$40 and each machine is different. The place you be sure to find because I been there is little square park in Tai Po Hui, they are outside K Circle and 7 Eleven store close to Japanese Home store. Another place is entrance of Tai Wo train station these ones you can pay by Octopus card. Okashi land sell collectible which come with a chewing gums. Doki Doki in Langham Place, Mong Kok sell all kinds of Japanese stuff I found Totoro plushie been looking for long time.
I found this wonderful notebook by Lenwa and called Little Thing in Doki Doki store only $59 HKD, I discovered every page has delightful printed images think of it as SMASH book only smaller and cheaper.
There is a Japanese discount store where everything is $12, called Daiso also known as Aeon or could be run by same company. I don't know but it located in Mong Kok in Shopping Mall.
I found these in Log on, Langham Place in Mong Kok. They have variety of Pockys some with strange titles such as Thanky or Sukky. They also sell Kitto Katto, Matcha (green tea) kitkat in which is big craze in Japan. Character Pretz are unusual I'm after Pockys which aren't just Strawberry flavour.
Few more things from Daiso, Commerical Press and Yata in Tai Po Market.
In Daiso they sell such wonderful kits if I was to buy from ebay or Amazon would be expensive and take ages to arrive. Once I everything is done I can unwrap and make project from one this kits and add to my crafty blog. I wanted to delete this blog but decided to keep as need a home for random things. I am on pinterest too. There will be lot of changes I intend to makes with both blog also I noticed some of my photos have been appearing on other blogs, site without being incited thanks to bloggers being too lazy to add where they look the images from when searching on google. I may of been away for 3 years but still active behind the scenes.


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