Slycurse and his Cat people of the Unspeakable Holder

>> Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Warning: Blood Slycurse is a demon who killed an Elder God, stole their powers and people and thus gained limited immunity to holy magic and a boost to his own magical powers. He is narcissist, clever and selfish, often grooms himself or orders some of minions to do the job. His minions are known as the Cat people of the Unspeakable Holder and are swift, fierce warriors. The 'Holder' is a chalice in which he gives to those to revere him or the most loyalest. It is said that drinking from this chalice can grant enternal life but for a price you become mute, slowly turn into a cat and slave to him. All who follow and serve him are forced to wear a mask because he doesn't want to look at their 'ugly faces' and they cannot talk about bad things about him either lest they suffer his wrath. Frequently, Slycurse abuses his minions (except his favorites which he keeps close via a leash)out of boredom or pleasure. Despite this they all stay loyal offering him the blood of Paladins and hearts of innocents. He loves himself, mice, blood mixed with milk and destroying worlds. Hates dogs, ugliness, Holy warriors and their deities. Many Elder gods tried to subdue and kill him with every time he escapes unharmed.

Materials used:
Pen and ink, coloured pencils, diluted brush markers, various drawings, digital collage in Paintshop Pro.

Evil Name Generator : Categories: Clever/Sneaky, Demonic, Magical - Slycurse
Dark minion Generator - Cat People Of The Unspeakable Holder

Extra note: Please do not steal this character, copy, download, distribute, or manipulate this work. If you are stuck for ideals I suggest you visit Seventh Sanctum and use the various generators there. I'm very nervous because this is the first time I submit my work to any art contest.


Kelsie 27 February 2008 at 00:23  

Wow! You're a really good artist!

Thanks for visiting my blog too! I really appreciate that you took the time to check it out! :)

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